5 Incredible Natural Foods to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Whether you want to satisfy your wife or your Tinder date, men should pay particularly
close attention to the foods that they eat as they are known to have a huge impact not
only to your overall health, but also your sexual endurance and performance as well.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, for example, would resort to taking some
Levitra or male enhancement pills in order for them to maintain an erection for much
longer periods of time. Although there is nothing inherently wrong about that, you might
want to consider other options first.

In today’s article, I will present to you some natural foods that will help you last longer in
bed. They are incredibly accessible and they can easily be incorporated into your daily


Countless studies have found that low testosterone levels in men mainly contributed to
their low libido. To help ramp up the production of a man’s main sex hormone, they
should start eating oatmeal today.

Avena Sativa or oats in modern-day culture is referred to as natural Viagra mainly
because it has a similar effect on a man’s penis.

Consuming at least 688 mg of oats contribute to 185% testosterone levels (according to
one study). Now, why is this? Apparently, it is due to its rich nutrient profile.

Oats contain L-arginine which is a known vasodilator that can help relax and open up
blood vessels for improved blood circulation. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction
typically do not get sufficient amounts of blood into their genitals, thus resulting in a limp
penis shortly after penetration.


Fish is considered the healthier kind of animal protein simply because it contains more
nutrients that affect the heart in a positive way rather than in a detrimental way.

That being said, fish like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which not only
improve heart health but also ensures that our cell membranes are more fluid- which
translates to better blood flow.

Aside from that, they are also rich in B-vitamins which can help give you more energy
that your body needs to do certain tasks (in this case, sex).


Taking in some Panax Ginseng (otherwise known as the ‘true’ kind of ginseng) provides
a lot of sexual benefits. It contains what is known as ‘ginsenosides’ which are natural
antioxidant compounds that are responsible for providing you with a lot of health

Although taking some Panax Ginseng can benefit women, men can seriously get a lot of
positive effects from it. A lot of studies have shown that ginseng can actually help men
with erectile dysfunction thanks to the herb’s effects to improve blood circulation across
the board.

Aside from that, it is also known to help improve testosterone production, which is the
main hormone responsible for elevating a man’s sex drive.

Foods Rich in Zinc

Various studies always point out Zinc’s role in men’s improvement in sexual
performance and endurance.

Zinc is found in many foods and it is an essential mineral that is known to increase
testosterone levels in men.

You can either get them from food intake or you can even take some zinc supplements
as well.

Dark Chocolate

This somewhat bitter type of chocolate contains Phenethylamine or PEA which is a
compound that mimics endorphins found in the body. Endorphins, for those of you who
do not know, help us feel good about ourselves and are usually released during
pleasurable activities.

That being said, consuming a block or two of dark chocolate can help improve serotonin
and dopamine levels in the brain that will prime our bodies for some sexy time.