A healthy life begins with a healthy body. 


Soccerrise Gym.

Welcome to Soccerrise Gym, an online lifestyle site for those looking to improve and have a healthier lifestyle. 

We believe a healthy and positive lifestyle begins by improving your physical. From there on you will gain more confidence about yourself, thus comes the peace of mind. Resulting in a more positive life. 

However, Soccerrise Gym is different from other online healthy lifestyle website. We not only provide tips and guides to sculpting a healthier body but also on other topics as well. Such as digital marketing, baby, beauty and many more. 

Michel Zedda - Founder of Soccerrise Gym

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Functional Trainings

Guides on how to do functional training with proper form, so that you get to see results.

Personal Trainings

Looking to discipline yourself so that your training will be more consistent.

Cardio Trainings

Burn away the fat and calories quickly with the correct cardio training.


Interested with crossfit training? Check out our guides to help you get started.


Sculpt your body by following our guides on how to target the part you want to sculpt.

Sport Nutrition

Diet and nutrition both play an important on the road to healthier and better physique. Check our guides for it.

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